LynchburgCAP Cadets honor WWII vets on 9/11

LynchburgCAP Cadets honor WWII vets on 9/11

Article By: 2nd Lt. Rebecca Greene, LynchburgCAP Contributing Writer

On September 11, 5 LynchburgCAP Cadets were on hand to honor local WW2 veterans residing at Westminster Canterbury. The night was beautifully planned by the retirement home, and the even included the draping of patriotic handmade quilts over the DSCN0066.jpgshoulders of these precious veterans.

DSCN0032.jpgCadets were tasked with presenting the colors, seating, greeting, and leading the Pledge of Allegiance for the group. Veterans and family members were quite happy to see the cadets serve in this manner, and we were questioned about who we were and where we met, and the various things we do. Being able to share how our cadets are an integral part of the community is an honor!

Part of being ready for the opportunity to serve is attending Honor Guard and/or Color Guard training. Civil Air Patrol currently affords two training sessions during the summer for DSCN0051.jpgthis type of service, and several of our cadets have attended and returned to be able to train members of their squadron. Because of the dedication of cadet staff and willingness of the cadets to take up this responsibility, LynchburgCAP was honored to be of service to our veterans and our community.

For more information on the National Award-Winning Cadet Program at #LynchburgCAP, go online to



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Cadet Physical Training Tightens, Toughens and Polishes @ LynchburgCAP

Cadet Physical Training Tightens, Toughens and Polishes @ LynchburgCAP

Article By:  C/CMSgt Christiaan Grutz , Public Affairs Team Writer


“The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.”    -Morihei Ueshiba

IMG_0017.JPGLYNCHBURG, VA – Cadets at LynchburgCAP participate in Physical Training as part of Cadet Programs as part of it’s emphasis on leadership, character and fitness.  Each month, an entire squadron meeting is dedicated to Physical Training, or “PT”, and includes various requirements that Cadets must meet to advance in rank.  Physical training at the Squadron includes: Push-ups, Sit-ups/Crunches, Sit-and-reach, Mile run, and Sometimes fun games such as freeze tag or Blob tag. Every quarter year, the Cadets do a PT testing night. With push-ups, sit-ups, mile run, pacer run, and sit-and-reach, the cadets are then scored along with their age. If they pass the tests, they are allowed to promote according to the other tests. Continue reading

LynchburgCAP Cadets Train for Ground Search and Rescue

LynchburgCAP Cadets Train for Ground Search and Rescue

GSAR College Gives Teens An Amazing Opportunity to Receive Certification in Specialized Life-Saving and Rescue Skills.

By: C/CMSgt. Cornelia Fassero, Public Affairs Team Writer

ESImage2.jpgLYNCHBURG – LynchburgCAP cadets recently attended the Ground Search and Rescue College (GSAR), to meet the necessary standards for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) Search and Rescue Team. GSAR College consists of two training weekends in March and April. The program at the College is designed for cadets who are interested in learning about Emergency Services on a deeper level.

C/TSgt. Christopher Greene focused on obtaining certification for the Search Team Member Course (STM). The primary objective of this class is to supply team members with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to survive for, twenty-four to forty-eight hours. This program includes instruction for First Aid, knot tying, map knowledge, land navigation, and more. After C/TSgt. Greene completes all requirements for this course, he will be qualified to search with VDEM Team on real life missions. “It was a great experience for sure”, Greene said.  “The program was a unique opportunity to run exercises related to Emergency Services such as ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter),  search line tactics, mapping and coordinates and what to do in a stress environment” Said Greene., C GREENE smaller size - Copy (2).jpgHe said “Cadets also learned Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and proficiency in litter carrying techniques, whether you are litter captain or litter member.”  In addition to meeting old friends from other squadrons, Greene said “the participants had an opportunity to observe now other emergency organizations functioned such as VDEF, FEMA and VDEM.”

FRAZER.JPGC/MSgt. Isaac Frazier also received qualification for Search Team Leader (STL). In this curriculum trainees refresh their STM skills, which will prepare them to care for their team and equip them for future missions. They are also expected to be experienced at STM requirements. After Frazier completes all the training for this course, he will be qualified not only to search on live missions, but to lead a whole search team for missions.

Both courses provide detailed instruction on identifying map symbols, tying specific knots, radio operating, navigating through unknown terrain, and rescuing lost or injured patients. These cadets also receive two badges one for the Blues uniform and one for the BDU’s, signifying their certification.  ****

GSAR College is an opportunity for cadets and senior members to train and serve their community in a way that most adults, let alone other teenagers can.  Go to for details on how you can be involved in GSAR College and other training opportunities through CAP.

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LynchburgCAP Cadet Chosen to Represent American Youth Leaders in the United Kingdom

LynchburgCAP Cadet Chosen to Represent American Youth Leaders in the United Kingdom

19-Year-Old Teen Selected for the International Air Cadet Exchange

Washington, D.C. — A local Lynchburg teen has been selected for an opportunity most adults can only dream of: the chance to represent the United States of America to citizens of countries all over the world.


C/Lt.Col Micah Pratt

19-year-old Micah Pratt will be traveling to the United Kingdom this July to work with other teenagers from over 19 countries, learning about them and sharing their mutual love for aviation and youth leadership. Pratt is a Cadet Lieutenant Colonel in the Lynchburg Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol; and  is one of only 36 people in the country to be selected for this year’s exchange. Lt Col. Peggy Myrick is the director of the Exchange in America. “It’s very competitive,” said Myrick, “being selected means showing a maturity far beyond one’s age and being a true leader in their community.” Applicants must have earned the Amelia Earhart Award in the CAP cadet program, which less than 5% of all cadets achieve.

ICE LOGOThe International Air Cadet Exchange was started after World War II to promote goodwill and friendship between the young men and women who would one day go on to be leaders in their countries. “It’s one of the greatest programs I’ve ever been a part of,” said Lt Col. Lisa Bergeron. Lt Col. Bergeron went to Austria as a cadet in 1978, and still serves as a tour guide in Washington where foreign cadets first arrive to the United States. This year Civil Air Patrol will be hosting 36 ambassadors to America. You can follow Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Pratt’s journey by following IACE 2017 USA on Facebook.

Civil Air Patrol, the longtime all-volunteer U.S. Air Force auxiliary, is the newest memberPRATT 2
of the Air Force’s Total Force, which consists of regular Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, along with Air Force retired military and civilian employees. CAP, in its Total Force role, operates a fleet of 550 aircraft and performs about 90 percent of continental U.S. inland search and rescue missions as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center and is credited by the AFRCC with saving an average of 78 lives annually. Civil Air Patrol’s 56,000 members nationwide also perform homeland security, disaster relief and drug interdiction missions at the request of federal, state and local agencies. Its members additionally play a leading role in aerospace education and serve as mentors to 24,000 young people currently participating in the CAP cadet program. Performing missions for America for the past 75 years, CAP received the Congressional Gold Medal in 2014 in honor of the heroic efforts of its World War II veterans. CAP also participates in Wreaths Across America, an initiative to remember, honor and teach about the sacrifices of U.S. military veterans.

Visit for more information.

Media Inquiries:
1st Lt. Ethan T. Berg, CAP
Public Affairs Officer
International Air Cadet Exchange – America

2nd Lt. Gregory Morgan, CAP
LynchburgCAP Public Affairs Officer


Time to Step Up and Stand Out: LynchburgCAP Welcomes New Members at ‘CAP Nite’ Event

Time to Step Up and Stand Out: LynchburgCAP Welcomes New Members at ‘CAP Nite’ Event

IMG_5072If you’ve been waiting to get started or looking for the right opportunity to get involved in the community, your wait is over.  Lynchburg Civil Air Patrol is welcoming new members and those interested in CAP to the squadron’s meeting on Monday February 1st.  LynchburgCAP is actively looking for new members and is conducting this open house opportunity for the public to come and see what Civil Air Patrol has to offer for both teens and adults in it’s three missions of Cadet Programs, Emergency Services and Aerospace Education.CAPnite LOGO white backing - smaller

Monday’s event begins at 6:45p at Liberty University School of Aeronautics and concludes with presentation of awards and promotions at 8:45p.  Those interested in CAP are IMG_4891encouraged to make a reservation online as space may be limited depending on numbers of attendees.  Both adult members and The Cadets of LynchburgCAP will be on hand to answer questions about volunteer opportunities in Civil Air Patrol.

The nationally recognized Cadet Program @LynchburgCAP offers area youth opportunities to be involved,  develop character and learn leadership skills that can last a lifetime.  Teens 12 years and older can participate in Aerospace Education and Emergency Services training that can set them apart.  IMG_5162The Cadet Program offers a structured multi-step military style structure as part of the all volunteer United States Air Force Auxiliary.  While the volunteers are not part of the active or reserve military, the over 60,000+ members nationwide are part of the national Civil Air Patrol with over 1500 local squadrons strong.

In addition to teens, adults also volunteer in the Civil Air Patrol  and take advantage of learning, mentoring and service CAP - S&R PLANEopportunities in Emergency Services and more.  Civil Air Patrol offers training and education to participate in real world search and rescue missions both on the ground and in flight crews aboard one of the aircraft in CAP’s national fleet of over 550 planes; the largest fleet of single-engine aircraft in the world.

For teens or adults interested in more information or volunteering with LynchburgCAP, contact the squadron online at

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Article by LynchburgCAP Public Affairs



Former Cadet Serves as Youngest Squadron Commander @LynchburgCAP

Former Cadet Serves as Youngest Squadron Commander @LynchburgCAP




Article by:  C/CMSgt Lauryn Sharp,  SquawkTALK Staff Writer

PROMO Variation 2 RevisedA former CAP Cadet and one of the youngest CAP Squadron Commanders in Virginia Wing history recently completed his service in the #1 spot at LynchburgCAP.  Meet Captain Garrett Scott.  At age 22, Capt. Scott turns over the reins of command at LynchburgCAP to the next commander after more than a year of service in the Squadron’s lead role.  As Scott will attest, in the Civil Air Patrol, young cadets can advance, become senior members and continue to serve in leadership rolls throughout their adult lives.

Capt. Scott first visited a CAP meeting during an Open House event at SCOTT - front viewJohnston County Airport in Smithfield, NC. After being impressed by the professionalism of the cadets in uniform, he promptly joined the program and has been a member ever since. “There were many cool things that I got to do, such as Encampment, visiting military installations, and building relationships with the other cadets,” he shares. He eventually reached the grade of Cadet Captain as he ended his career as a cadet. Cadet Captain Scott then became a Senior Member and just finished serving in the highest and most demanding position in a single squadron: Squadron Commander. “I never thought I would be a Squadron Commander,” he recalls, “and certainly not at age 21.” CAP has a vision that aims to transform any cadet into a leader.  Capt. Scott has been the Squadron Commander at LynchburgCAP since 18 Aug 2014. “My favorite part about being Squadron Commander is being able to make an impact on the culture, goals, and vision of a great group of people,” Scott said.  As Squadron Commander, the amount of responsibility is higher than that of any other position within the squadron. “There are a lot of regulations, practices, and datelines to keep up with. Above all, the most important part of a Squadron Commander’s job is to cast a vision for where the squadron is heading, and take steps to make that vision a reality,” Scott said.  Capt. Scott has experienced, first hand, what it is like to be the youngest among many, but he realizes that even though it can be difficult, there is potential in everyone. “Some of the world’s greatest Medal of Honor recipients, leaders, and biblical figures were younger than I am right now,” said Scott.  “My biggest word of advice to cadets in Civil Air Patrol would be, don’t be restrained by society’s views on you.  SCOTT w STRUBHARJust because you are young does not mean you cannot make a difference,” said Scott.  Captain Garrett Scott goes on to say: “I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lynchburg Composite Squadron as the Squadron Commander.  I am forever grateful for the dedication to mission that my staff officers showed during my time in command, and this squadron is prepared to grow into an even bigger and better squadron under the guidance of Capt. Peter Strubhar.”

APPRECIATION AWARDDuring Scott’s tenure as Commander, the Lynchburg Squadron has shown significant growth, improved programs and increased dedication to excellence by all its members, placing LynchburgCAP on its way to becoming a formidable leader in the Virginia Wing and beyond.  Capt. Strubhar just recently assumed Capt. Scott’s position at the “Change of Command Ceremony,” becoming the newest Squadron Commander of LynchburgCAP.

Squadrons across the country, like LynchburgCAP, provide leadership training and experience to both adults and teens that can advance and develop leadership skills that can last a lifetime.  “Today’s cadets… tomorrow’s aerospace leaders.”

For more information on membership and volunteer opportunities, contact OR


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The Cadets of LynchburgCAP Help Those in Need During The Holidays.

The Cadets of LynchburgCAP Help Those in Need During The Holidays.

WARM STREET - CADETS 1As part of their Search & Rescue training, members of the Civil Air Patrol, including those with LynchburgCAP, receive training to better be able to survive outdoor elements during search and rescue missions.  So, it seemed like a great opportunity to lend a hand to Warm Streets Charities this holiday season. Keeping the homeless warm and equipped is the mission of Warm Streets, a locally based ministry helping fellow citizens that are in the Lynchburg area.  The Cadets of LynchburgCAP made it an objective to help with this worthwhile cause as part of its mission to serve the community in various ways.  Cadets provided blankets, gloves, hats, sweatpants, shirts and several other items that would fill backpacks given to Warm Streets which are in turn given to the homeless in the area.  The supplies are provided to better equip those in need to survive the elements during the colder times of the year. WARM STREET - C.Milhaus“The items are given to help the homeless get through the winter,” said Lt. Carol Milhous of LynchburgCAP, coordinator of the effort.  “We are glad to have the opportunity to help support this worthwhile community organization,” Milhous said speaking of Warm Streets.

Teens learn leadership skills and build character in the Cadet Programs with the Civil Air Patrol.  Through community service, aerospace education and other opportunities, Cadets develop an appreciation for service and excellence.   Any teen age 12 – 18 can join the CAP as a cadet.  For more information contact LynchburgCAP at  Click here to learn more about contributing to Warm Streets

Article by Public Affairs, LynchburgCAP



LynchburgCAP Flyover at This Year’s Wreaths Across America in Lynchburg

LynchburgCAP Flyover at This Year’s Wreaths Across America in Lynchburg

CAP - S&R PLANEThe National Wreaths Across America wreath laying ceremony in Lynchburg will begin with an aircraft flyover by one of the Civil Air Patrol’s search and rescue planes to honor veterans. Saturday’s event will include a short dedication ceremony kicked off by the LynchburgCAP aircraft followed by the laying of the wreaths on graves of fallen service men and women.

IMG_5768The specially equipped Cessna 182s is just one of the largest single-engine aircraft fleet in the country, in service by the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary; better known as the Civil Air Patrol.  Members of the Lynchburg Squadron will participate in this year’s annual event honoring those who have served in our country’s military.  The aircraft will be piloted by Lt. Dale Matthews, of LynchburgCAP, who is also a trained search and rescue mission pilot.  Representatives from the LynchburgCAP Cadets will also be on hand to greet attendees and assist with distribution of well over 1,000 wreaths to grave sites.

IMG_9593LynchburgCAP Cadets, ages 12 – 19, have won nationally recognized honors for their achievements and participation in community events.  In the Civil Air Patrol, teens have opportunities to complete search and rescue training certifications that allow them to participate in actual search and rescue missions when called upon.  Through the multi-step cadet program, Cadets also learn valuable leadership skills that serve them and others a lifetime.  IMG_9624

Wreaths Across America is sponsored locally by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

For more information about the Civil Air Patrol and how you can join, go to



Civil Air Patrol Celebrates 74 Years of Service!

IMG_3415Civil Air Patrol turns 74 today, with its 58,000 members poised to celebrate their rich heritage of volunteer service.

“What a year it has been!” exclaimed Maj. Gen. Joe Vazquez, CAP’s national commander and chief executive officer.

“Last December, shortly after our 73rd anniversary, Civil Air Patrol was presented with a Congressional Gold Medal in honor of our World War II veterans from America’s Greatest Generation,” Vazquez said. “The Capitol Hill celebration of the 53488a4c1570d.imageextraordinary contributions of these founding members of CAP showcased our proud legacy of sacrifice and service.”

CAP was founded Dec. 1, 1941, less than a week before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor led to America’s involvement in World War II. Its members quickly proved their worth by conducting aerial patrols on their own, heroism that discouraged and eventually stopped deadly German U-boat attacks along U.S. coastlines CAP - OLD PHOTO 2 suband waterways. The wartime service of CAP’s “subchasers” helped stop the loss of American and Allied merchant vessels, saving the lives of untold thousands of sailors and countless millions of dollars of war materiel destined for the battlefields in Europe and the Pacific.

In addition to coastal patrols, CAP aircrews assisted with other essential wartime missions on the home front, such as search and rescue, disaster relief, border patrol, forest fire patrol, target towing for military practice and transporting critical supplies. Members also managed hundreds of airports and trained aviators – many of them cadets – for future service in CAP and the military.CAP - OLD PHOTO

That legacy lives on in today’s all-volunteer force, which still contributes greatly to America’s defense by providing aerial reconnaissance for homeland security, giving Air Force fighter pilots practice in protecting America’s airspace and helping train U.S. military troops for service overseas.CAP - DRILL 2

CAP members also make a profound difference in more than 1,500 communities across the nation, saving lives through search and rescue and other emergency services and conducting aerospace education and youth programs that help develop the nation’s next generation of leaders.

Civil Air Patrol’s contributions to national defense were recognized in August when the U.S. Air Force added the longtime Air Force Auxiliary to CAP - OLD POSTERits Total Force team. Changes to Air Force doctrine officially made Civil Air Patrol a strategic partner of the Air Force and CAP members “Airmen” when conducting Air Force-assigned missions.

IMG_3938The 74th anniversary observance includes an annual “CAP Sunday” activity in which chaplains, character development officers and other members are encouraged to wear their uniforms to their place of worship. The activity is scheduled for the upcoming weekend, Dec. 4-6.

For more information on CAP Missions or volunteer opportunities, contact LynchburgCAP @

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Civil Air Patrol Cadets Ready to Respond in an Emergency


Article by: C/2ndLt Thomas Mason, SquawkTALK Staff Writer


IMG_7445The alarm clock rasped out its urgent tone and Tom’s hand sleepily groped in the darkness to silence the ding. The glowing yellow face showed 2:45…in the morning. What was that on for? He couldn’t recall, and snorting out a half asleep verbal greeting to the early morning cold, curled back up under the ruffled sheets.  Silence.

But again, another sound that brought him upright. What now? His drowsy brain only wanted quiet repose after a long stressful day.


A dark figure loomed above him.  “Hmmmmm?” He managed to breathe out. It was his Mom, and she was wearing a bathrobe and her face glowed from the light of a smartphone in her hand. “Stephen’s in the driveway with his car. That’s not normal at 3 in the morning.”IMG_7498

Oh no.

How many times had he tried to not go to sleep? He knew that he would not wake up in time. Why had he lain in bed?

“Okay,” grunt, “coming!”

There, standing at the dewy front door was his best friend Stephen. He looked up and down at his lightly clad body disapprovingly.

“Dude, I know, I know, I said that I’d be ready by 3:10. I guess I have plenty of my three minutes to get my 24 hour gear packed up.”

Stephen just nodded and strolled back to where his car sat parked on the driveway with its hood opened. Tom, after fully gaining consciousness, ran to prepare himself for a long day, a real world mission for a lost dementia patient. He would end up without sleep for a full forty hours.

IMG_3938This is a narrative on a typical morning of a Search and Rescue mission for a Civil Air Patrol cadet. Often times, cadets will have to cope with drastic schedule changes for school, work, and other occupations to be able to go out and serve their community state and nation. “Semper Vigilans, Always Vigilant” is their motto, and rightly so for all those involved in ES (Emergency Services). Ground teams must always be on watch for deployment at all times of the day, and even at hours of the night where any other teenager would be fast asleep.

Any teen who loves adventure, ground navigation, survival in the wilderness, or just being outdoors; becoming a Ground Team Member (GTM) is for you. Cadets get to experience working with military, state police and other agencies. But even with all of these organizations on site, in a missing person search, or downed aircraft mission, CAP is the one doing the dirty work for the rest of them, accumulating a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and highly trained elite teams who know their business. CAP is involved with approximately three quarters of all aerial inland Search and Rescue (SAR) missions in the U.S. alone, and is credited with saving an average of 100 lives per year.

On Emergency Services missions, CAP officers and NCO’s that are a part of the ground team, air crew, and base crew are all treated as adults because of their legacy of trusted expertise in their specific field. Ground teams are required to be vigilant 24-7 for alerts sent out by text, email, or phone call. Once the unit is put on high alert, cadets and seniors must be packed, and ready to deploy within an hour. They are first on scene.SAREX 3-7-15

Many teenagers who join CAP say they didn’t regret being a Ground Team Member, or Air Crew Member. Even if one doesn’t think they have what it takes to save lives, it nevertheless gives necessary knowledge on survival and first aid. Not just that, on the more fun side of things, 12-18 year olds who normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to work with military and police are able to actually work with special equipment reserved for special operations. A cadet might say to a friend, “Seriously, when was the last time you got to use a three thousand dollar VHV handheld Harris?”

Teens aged 12+ can get involved with Emergency Services training in the Civil Air Patrol.  For more information or to attend a meeting, go online to

LynchburgCAP Public Affairs


Award-Winning Cadets Promote Through the Ranks @LynchburgCAP



Article by:  C/SSgt Jeremiah Mason, SquawkTALK News Staff Writer  ~


PROMOTIONS #LynchburgCAPOne of the opportunities that a Civil Air Patrol cadet is granted is the chance to promote through the 14 various ranks. The very first grade that a new cadet will need to pass is Cadet Airman. Most of the promotions require five very important things. The cadet must pass a leadership, aerospace, and drill test, participate actively in the weekly meetings, and lastly, pass a challenging physical fitness test. After these five tasks are complete, the cadet is able to see how his hard work is rewarded by participating in a promotion ceremony.

WEAVERRecently, Cadet Weaver was promoted to the grade of Airman, and Cadet Mast to the rank of Staff Sergeant. As Cadets advance through the grades, tests and other requirements become more rigorous progressively more difficult. . For example, Cadet T. Mason has spent a total of three years reaching the rank of Second Lieutenant! The toughest rank to pass is the rank of Cadet Colonel – the highest achievement in the CAP. To earn this rank cadets must pass the final test with only three attempts!MAST

Civil Air Patrol is challenging and rewarding, with many more awards to offer. Above you read just one of the many ways that Civil Air Patrol rewards cadets for their devoted service and diligence. CAP’s mission is to train leaders for tomorrow, and you can be the next!

For more information about Cadet Programs or other volunteer opportunities with the Civil Air Patrol, contact the squadron at

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Recognizing An Outstanding Cadet Every Month @LynchburgCAP



Article by:  C/2ndLt. John Batman, SquawkTALK News Staff Writer  >>>

The “Cadet of the Month” program at Lynchburg Composite Squadron acknowledges over-the-top Cadet serviceCADET OF MONTH LOGO excellence in everything every month in and outside of the CADET OF MONTH - C.FASSERO squadron.  The program is relatively new; having begun just a few months prior. But, the award program gives LynchburgCAP cadets yet another reason to aspire to always excel in Civil Air Patrol.  The “Cadet of the Month” program elevates cadets to new levels of achievement bringing a healthy competitiveness to the Lynchburg Squadron, which greatly helps the cadets for the long term in their achievements. “The program really can be used as a great motivator. I think it can be used as one tool to show the cadets how much we appreciate all that they do each month,” said 2nd Lt. Amanda Cockrell, Squadron Activities Officer at Lynchburg Composite Squadron, who helps to coordinate the program with other Senior Members.IMG_1888

CADET OF MONTH - M.PRATTEvery month, selection for this honor is based on various objective criteria relating to cadet service and participation such as attendance and promoting.  During the selection procedure, Senior Member staff review points that are awarded to the different sections based on the cadets performance in each of those sections. On the first Monday of every month,  “blue’s night” for the squadron, the top scoring cadet is called up to the front to be recognized for his/her outstanding performance in the previous month’s activities and meetings. “To become cadet of CADET OF MONTH - GOLDENthe month, you must first dedicate everything to becoming the epitome of what the core values stand for,” said C/Staff Sergeant Elijah M. Golden, former cadet of the month.  “All cadets who have achieved CADET OF MONTH - L.SHARP JAN 15the status of “Cadet of the Month” have dedicated many hours of excellent effort and hard work into earning this title,” he said.

To learn more about Cadet of the Month and Cadet Programs with Civil Air Patrol and LynchburgCAP, visit us online at

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Cadets Sign On as Reporters for ‘SquawkTALKNews’

Cadets Sign On as Reporters for ‘SquawkTALKNews’

Article by: LynchburgCAP Public Affairs >>>

CADET REPORTING STAFF smaller 150dpiThis month marks a new beginning at SquawkTALK News with the addition of five new Cadet reporters.  The online news source for the Lynchburg Composite Squadron is expanding it’s reporting staff to include several cadet contributing writers.  C/MSgt Lauryn Sharp, C.MSgt John Arnold, C/2dLt Ben Batman, C/SSgt Jeremiah Mason and C/2dLt Thomas Mason will share their own perspective and experience as CAP Cadets as they report on a variety of topic areas involving the Lynchburg Squadron, VA Wing and Civil Air Patrol programs offered locally.  This unique reporting perspective will give readers insight into missions and opportunities that both teens and adults have as a member of CAP with stories covering squadron events and activities to CAP missions and community involvement.  Information in the articles will support the publication’s mission to inform the public about services and volunteer opportunities available in the Civil Air Patrol.  The SquawkTALK News blog, started over a year ago, as a source for news, updates and information about the Lynchburg Squadron and activities with Civil Air Patrol.  Readership has expanded dramatically in the last several months and is promoted through Squadron, Wing and Regional social media platforms.  Multiple articles are scheduled to be posted each month.

For more information on membership or to follow LynchburgCAP on any of the Squadron’s online platforms; go to or National Civil Air Patrol at

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Cadets Participate in Launch of New Model Rocketry Program @LynchburgCAP

Cadets Participate in Launch of New Model Rocketry Program @LynchburgCAP

Article By: C/MSgt John Arnold, Contributing Writer

IMG_3579Major Blake DeVolld with Lynchburg Squadron has launched the cadets into a new model rocketry program at LynchburgCAP. Cadets learned about the history of model rockets this night, with Major DeVolld covering the development of rockets from the second century Chinese fireworks to today’s space shuttles, teaching about important pioneers in rocket history and their accomplishments as well. IMG_3583After hearing the presentation, which was both informative and full of humorous stories from Major DeVolld’s prior years spent in the Air Force, the cadets were then able to begin construction on their own “Goddard Rockets”, so named after the inventor of the first liquid-fueled rocket, Robert Goddard. The foam, rubber band propelled rockets were started and will be finished on the next Aerospace night. Cadets will then be able to launch their rockets in a squadron competition to see how well their rockets were built.IMG_3573This is just the beginning of Lynchburg Squadron’s new model rocketry program, which will be completed by the end of April. All cadets will be participating, and will be able to build or assist in the construction of three different engine-powered model rockets, which will then be launched on a designated “Launch Day” in April of 2016. The course consists of three phases, each phase consisting of a classroom lesson, 10-question quiz, and the construction of a rocket, either individually, as a team, or as a squadron. Through the course, the cadets will be learning good leadership skills, developing teamwork, and having lots of fun, and upon completion will receive their model rocket patch for their BDU uniform, as well as a badge for their Blues uniform.

To learn more about Aerospace Education and the Cadet Program, go online to or

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AEROSPACE EDUCATION: Cadets Learning Skyward and Beyond.

Article by: C/TSgt Lauryn Sharp, Contributing Writer —-

DeVOLLD in ClassAs one of CAP’s three primary missions, Aerospace Education is an integral part of the CAP cadet mission to “develop dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders” and gives both cadets and senior members opportunity to serve in capacity as both teachers and students. “The program seeks to spark an interest in aviation, space, and technology in the youth of America and expose them to the excitement of flying,” said Major Blake DeVolld, Aerospace Officer for LynchburgCAP.   “It promotes awareness for the importance of aviation in our culture, not only historically, but for our future,” DeVolld said.

Cadets in Civil Air Patrol study aerospace both in a classroom setting and at home and occasionally under the instruction of a trained pilot flying in a CAP aircraft during an orientation ride or “O-Ride.” An exciting part of CAP is participating in the free orientation rides with a total of five front seat rides per cadet and unlimited back seat rides. O-rides are an exciting, hands-on opportunity to further engage in Aerospace Education. DALE MATTHEWSBefore the flight, the pilot conducts the “pre-flight” inspection to show the cadet how to make sure the plane is safe. While in the cockpit, the pilot permits the cadet to see and touch the aircraft controls to maneuver the plane in the air, allowing them to be immersed in the wonder of flight!

Through Aerospace Education, cadets are exposed to a wide variety of topics which include basic aeronautics science and space exploration.  To appreciate the aircraft itself, Cadets study the various parts, mechanisms and maneuvers. Learning the terminology and understanding of  how airports work helps with communication during takeoff and landing. Aviation history brings the learning experience from the “then” to the “now.” It is important to be able to recognize the air and space environment to know “weather” or not it is safe to fly. As cadets, the study of rockets and spacecraft is very exciting and interactive. Whenever and wherever, cadets enjoy studying the dynamic focus of aerospace as they constantly seek to know more.

DALE 2Every month, an “Aerospace Night” takes place during one of the squadron’s weekly meetings. During the class, the appointed Senior Member and Cadet Aerospace Officers teach an hour-long lesson on a topic of their choice like “Back to the Basics.” Cadets are also required to study and take a test on one of their six aerospace modules in order to promote each time.  Aerospace Education is a vital aspect of Civil Air Patrol training that helps cadets aim high, because the sky’s the limit!  For more information on Aerospace Education or membership with the Civil Air Patrol, go online to OR www.

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CADET PROGRAMS:  Learning Leadership Skills That Last A Lifetime @LynchburgCAP

CADET PROGRAMS: Learning Leadership Skills That Last A Lifetime @LynchburgCAP

Article by: C/TSgt Lauryn Sharp, Contributing Writer —-

CADET Leadership - #LynchburgCAPThrough Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Programs, young adults learn leadership skills that can last a lifetime.  This  “structured leadership and educational program” is the source of all leadership opportunities available to every cadet in the CAP.  The program utilizes aviation as a foundation, making it unique among other youth based programs emphasizing character, leadership and achievement.

Anyone between the ages of 12 to 21 can be a cadet and become eligible for academic scholarships to further their studies in a wide variety of fields such as engineering, science, aircraft mechanics, aerospace medicine, and meteorology. The 16-step program, based on Leadership, Aerospace, Fitness, and Character, allows cadets to work at their own pace for the purpose of achieving the next rank. To promote to a higher rank, cadets Continue reading

The First-Step for New Civil Air Patrol Cadets on a Flight to Award-Winning Achievement @ LynchburgCAP

The First-Step for New Civil Air Patrol Cadets on a Flight to Award-Winning Achievement @ LynchburgCAP

C-Amn E. Baker #LynchburgCAPThe first step completed, new Cadets in the Civil Air Patrol are on their way to advancing and greater achievement.  After successfully completing the introductory level, Cadets like C/Amn Emily Baker @ LynchburgCAP, get fitted with uniforms and begin to progress at their own pace through a 16-step program in the Civil Air Patrol including aerospace education, leadership training, physical fitness and moral leadership.  These all-volunteer teenage Cadets learn skills to serve their community and compete for academic scholarships to further their studies in fields such as engineering, science, aircraft Cadet PD Steele - C2ndLt #LynchburgCAPmechanics, aerospace medicine, meteorology, as well as many others.   Each month, both Cadets and Senior Members of the Squadron are recognized for their achievements and service in the Civil Air Patrol.  In addition to Baker, Paul-David Steele, Cadet @ LynchburgCAP was recognized for his exceptional success in reaching the grade of C/2nd Lt..  This award is a significant achievement and will be presented more formally to Steele at a ceremony on a later date.

D. DICKENS 2nd LT #LynchburgCAP

Finally, Deputy Commander, Pete Strubhar, presented achievement recognition to Senior Members, Jim McCann (not available for a photo) and Derick Dickens who were both promoted to 2nd Lt. and recognized for their completion of basic level one in the program as a Senior Member.

Senior Members and Cadets of the Civil Air Patrol, receive training that support CAP’s 3 missions of Aerospace Education, Emergency Services and Cadet Programs.  Anyone age 12 and up can be a part of the Civil Air Patrol and volunteer to serve the community.  To learn more about C A P and its missions, go online to or today.

Article by Lt. Gregory Morgan, LynchburgCAP Public Affairs


LynchburgCAP Cadets and Senior Members Recognized for Participation in Live Search Mission

Mission Service Recognition #LynchurgCAPSenior Members and Cadets were recognized  for their exceptional service in a recent multi-agency search & rescue mission  Cadets Zechariah Pratt, Stephen Joshua, Nehemiah Pratt, Micah Pratt, Joseph Powell, and Dietrich Fassero along with Senior Members Lem Campbell and Casey Jacobson provided ground team support during the mission in search of the downed AirForce F-15 earlier this year.  LynchburgCAP members were on hand with a contingency of over 150 state, local and military personnel called in to locate the downed aircraft.  Members of the squadron committed over 30 hours to the mission.

Civil Air Patrol is attributed with savings numerous lives each year across the country in various search & rescue and disaster relief scenarios.  Civil Air Patrol members receive training throughout the year for both ground and air search crews as part of their membership with CAP.  To learn more about how you can become involved with CAP search & rescue missions, go online or contact LynchburgCAP today!

Article by:  LynchburgCAP Public Affairs


LynchburgCAP Brings Aerospace Education to Young Kids in Lynchburg

LynchburgCAP Brings Aerospace Education to Young Kids in Lynchburg

Photo Apr 26, 12 08 50 PM (1)LynchburgCAP was on hand to give an opportunity for young kids and families an up close look at one of Civil Air Patrol’s search and rescue aircraft at the Junior League’s “All Aboard – Trains, Planes & Automobiles event at   Lynchburg Regional Airport on Sunday.  As part of LynchburgCAP’s community service and aerospace education mission, the squadron was an exhibitor at the event which allowed Cadets and Senior Members and opportunity to meet the public and display information about CAP missions.  With the assistance of CAP pilots and personnel, young guests were allowed to climb in one of CAP’s Cessna 172s, sit at the controls and learn about aviation and CAP Cadet ALL ABOARD 2Programs.  An estimated 2500-3000 people attended the event with lines as long as 85 persons deep at the CAP display most of the day.  Cadets from LynchburgCAP and the Danville Squadron also assisted event coordinators with traffic control and parking.  Event goers could also see other displays like the Centra LifeFlight Helicopter, fire and police vehicles, tractors and more.   LynchburgCAP will be an exhibitor with at Freedom Aviation’s upcoming “FreedomFest” event on May 30th to celebrate WWII Veterans.   The Public is encouraged to come out and meet us to learn more about Civil Air Patrol.

Article by Public Affairs


LynchburgCAP Search & Rescue Plane on Display @ “All Aboard- Trains, Planes & Automobiles” Event

LynchburgCAP Search & Rescue Plane on Display @ “All Aboard- Trains, Planes & Automobiles” Event

ALL ABOARD - Planes Trains and Automobiles #LynchburgCAPCadets and Senior Members of the Lynchburg Composite Squadron will be on hand to offer community services support at the “All Aboard-Trains, Planes  & Automobiles” Event at Lynchburg Regional Airport onSunday, April 26th, from 11-4 .  The event, sponsored by Lynchburg Junior League, is a family friendly opportunity for kids and their parents to get up close and see a variety of transportation vehicles including search & rescue aircraft used by the Civil Air Patrol on Emergency Services missions.  Pilots will be on hand to demonstrate various search and rescue equipment used by CAP in the aircraft.  ES - AIRCRAFTSquadron members will also be providing general crowd and traffic control services as well as taking an opportunity to showcase the services and volunteer opportunities available with the Civil Air Patrol.  LynchburgCAP Public Affairs appeared on the Virginia Talk Radio Network this morning to discuss the squadron’s involvement.  [Click Here to listen to the radio show segment] The event is expected to be well attended.  Get there early for best parking. There will be food, fun and learning opportunities for the whole family at Sunday’s event.  Admission is $5 with proceeds going to various community projects.

For more information on how you can be involved with the Civil Air Patrol, go online to: or

Article by: Public Affairs, #LynchburgCAP


LynchburgCAP Cadets Honored with Air Force Associations’ Awards

PRATT AFSA AWARDPRATT AFSA AWARD2Outstanding LynchburgCAP Cadets were selected to receive Air Force Associations Awards at this year’s Honor Gala Ceremony.  C/1stLt Micah Pratt was presented with the award for Cadet NCO of the Year from the Air Force Sergeant’s Association.  C/2ndLt. Beckah DuShaw was the recipient of the Air Force Association’s Outstanding CAP Cadet Award.  Air Force Technical Sergeant Jennifer Hidle, of Langley AFB, was the guest presenter recognizing the achievement on behalf of the AFSA. The selection committee considered several factors such as leadership, participation, advancement, character and more to make recommendations of the award recipients. Dush  “A decision like this is especially difficult when you have so many cadets in a program that all exhibit such high standards and achievement,” said Lt. Pete Strubhar, Deputy Commander.  The presentation was part of the LynchburgCAP Squadron’s annual Honor Gala event which  recognized all cadets members in the Lynchburg Cadet Program and their outstanding achievement throughout the year.   LynchburgCAP received recognition this past year as a  “Quality Cadet Unit” by National Civil Air Patrol as one of 1500 squadrons nationwide.

For more information about Cadet Programs, opportunities for teens, Aerospace Education, Flight and more, contact LynchburgCAP online at

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LynchburgCAP Cadets ‘Fly’ on Piper Aero Simulator

Flight Sim #LynchburgCAPAerospace Education is just one of the missions of the Civil Air Patrol and @LynchburgCAP.  Cadets, Senior Members and guests had the opportunity, during this Saturday’s Honor Gala event, to experience profressional flight training in one of Liberty Unversity’s state-of-the-art flight simulators at LU School of Aeronautics. Flight instruction personnel were on hand to operate the sim equipment that allowed Cadets to fly more than 25 practice takeoffs and landings.  The simulator Continue reading

The ‘GoldenEagle’ Flys Again @LynchburgCAP with First Annual ‘GoldenEagle’ Award

LynchburgCAP Commander Lt. Garrett Scott presents annual "GoldenEagle" awards to Cadets Sphar and Pratt

LycnburgCAP Commander Lt. Garrett Scott presents annual “GoldenEagle” awards to Cadets Sphar and Pratt

Cadets Sphar and Pratt were presented the ‘GoldenEagle’ award at this year’s Honor Gala.  The ‘Golden Eagles’; a once forgotten name in the history of the Lynchburg Squadron… until now.   In years past,  Lynchburg Composite Squadron was know as the ‘Golden Eagles’.  With it’s symbolism of might and authority, the name represented the essence of “Semper Vigilans” which is the motto of the Civil Air Patrol.  “After digging through old squadron paperwork it was discovered that this squadron used to be called “The Golden Eagles”, said  Squadron Commander Garrett Scott.  “The GoldenEagle” is  the basis for our squadron patch which depicts an eagle with its wings aflame and outspread protecting the community, and in its talons a banner which reads “semper vigilans”.  We are going to be bringing back the term “Golden Eagles” to the squadron, and for this reason we have created two new annual awards, Scott said.   Continue reading

LynchburgCAP Search and Rescue Exercise Near Peaks of Otter

ES - AIRCRAFTBoth adult and teenage member of the Civil Air Patrol’s Lynchburg Composite Squadron are conducting a simulated search and rescue exercise all day Saturday in the National Forest near the Peaks of Otter. The drill will simulate an actual search and rescue mission call that a small airplane has crashed and is missing in a wooded mountainous area. The search aircraft crew will establish an airborne command post and communicate with ground crews by radio as well as fly search patterns to locate the downed aircraft’s locater beacon signal and coordinate and direct ground crews on the location of mock survivors. Actors will be playing the part of injured crash victims and give CAP Cadets a chance to use first aid and rescue skills they’ve learned in the Cadet Program. The training and is part of the ongoing emergency services preparation at LynchburgCAP. The Cadets and Senior Members receive training throughout the year to be ready at a moment’s notice if called upon to help out in a search and rescue, or natural disaster. Exercises like this with LynchburgCAP also give teens an opportunity to learn valuable survival, safety and leadership skills that are helpful later in life. Members of the Danville Squadron will also play a role in the exercise.

Volunteer opportunities are available for anyone 12 years old and up.  Contact LynchburgCAP for more information and to attend a meeting.

Public Affairs Staff; LynchburgCAP


LynchburgCAP Launches New Membership Campaign “BE AN EVERYDAY HERO, EVERY DAY.”

LynchburgCAP Launches New Membership Campaign “BE AN EVERYDAY HERO, EVERY DAY.”

Join #LynchburgCAPLynchburg Composite Squadron announces the launch of a new online campaign to promote new membership with Civil Air Patrol and promote public awareness of the missions of CAP and service to the community.  “BE AN EVERYDAY HERO, EVERY DAY” was developed as part of the local squadron’s Public Affairs objectives of growth and public awareness for 2015.  Through videos and print/digital ads to be released over the coming weeks, the campaign highlights the dedication and giving spirit that lives in each of the the 60,000+ Civil Air Patrol volunteers nationwide. Various senior and cadet members of the Lynchburg Squadron will appear as well as parents of some of the cadets.  As the official auxilliary of the United States Airforce, CAP’s all-volunteer membership is thought of as a “force” of “professional volunteers” due to continuous training and education by all of its adult and teen members which is an integral part of the program.  CAP offers services in three mission areas that include: Cadet Programs, Emergency Services and Aerospace Education.  Membership is open to anyone age 12 and up with a variety of opportunities to volunteer, contribute, lead and learn.   The squadron is under the leadership of Commander, Garret Scott; Lt. Peter Strubhar, Deputy Commander and Lt. Casey Jacobson, Deputy Commander of Cadets as well as teen Cadet command staff.  For more information about upcoming events and how you can join Civil Air Patrol, contact Lynchburg Composite Squadron at  #LynchburgCAP


Lt. Lem Campbell to appear in video as part of the BE AN EVERYDAY HERO, EVERY DAY. campaign @ LynchburgCAP. #CivilAirPatro #TellEmAboutCAP


Cadets Can Earn Scholarships and Military Service Benefits @LynchburgCAP

CAP AWARDS - DuShawCadet B. DuShaw of LynchburgCAP was recently recognized and promoted to Cadet 2nd Lieutenant.  Cadets, like DuShaw, that have worked hard to achieve this high level of success, receive a number of great benefits and opportunites too.   Through Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Program, teens can earn scholarships, qualification to attend Cadet Officer School and Civic Leadership Academy and more.  If DeShaw chooses a career in the U.S. Air Force, she is eligible to enter service at a higher rank of E-3.  In addition, she is eligible for promotion to 2nd Lt. as a Senior Member at age 21 if she continues her service with CAP as an adult.  Congratulations C/2nd Lt. DuShaw!C/2ndLt. DuShaw

Cadet Programs in the Civil Air Patrol @LynchburgCAP give teens opportunites unlike any other organization.  From hands-on flying experiences to leadership training and specialized skills development in actual search & rescue missions, CAP offers teens a chance to learn, grow and get involved in their community as one of CAP’s 60,000+ “Professional Volunteers” nation wide.  Parents and adults can get involved too.  To learn more, contact LynchburgCAP online here.

Public Affairs, LynchburgCAP

LynchburgCAP #LynchburgCAP

Cadet Steele Receives Civil Air Patrol’s Neil Armstrong Award @LynchburgCAP

Steele Neil Armstrong Award #LynchburgCAP

Deputy Commander of Cadets; Lt. Casey Jacobson Congratulates C/MSgt. P-D Steele (Right) recipient of Neil Armstrong Award @LynchburgCAP

Congratulations to Cadet Master Sergeant Steele of LynchburgCAP, who recently earned Civil Air Patrol’s Neil Armstrong award.  This signigicant award, named after Astronaut and Aviator Neil Armstrong,  is one of many achievements for Steele as well as any Cadet that progresses through the Leadership Phase of the Cadet Program in CAP.  In order to earn the award, a Cadet must meet various leadership expectations showing leadership skills in areas like attitude, core values, communication, responsibility and interpersonal skills.   The mission of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program is to provide the youth of our nation a quality program that enhances their leadership skills through an interest in aviation, and simultaneously provide services to the local community.  Neil Armstrong AwardTeens in the Cadet Program with Civil Air Patrol are taught life-long skills such as leadership and character as well as the fun of learning skills in ground and air Search & Rescue, disaster relief, communcations and more.  Any teen 12 years or older can join!  For more information, contact the Lynchburg Squadron at LynchburgCAP@gmail or online at

LynchburgCAP #LynchburgCAP  Lynchburg Composite Squadron MER-VA-017

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LynchburgCAP Celebrates Exceptional Cadet Achievement

C/2ndLt. M.Pratt Receives Billy Mitchell Award Certificate @LynchburgCAP

C/2ndLt. M.Pratt (Right) Receives Billy Mitchell Award Certificate @LynchburgCAP

LynchburgCAP Cadet 2nd Lt. M. Pratt received the “General Billy Mitchell Award” certificate at the Lynchburg squadron’s monthly awards ceremony honoring achievement by it’s Cadets and Senior Members.  The prestigous Civil Air Patrol award is named after General Billy Mitchell, aviator, advocate and Air Force supporter, and is earned after the completing of the first eight achievements of the CAP Cadet Program.  In addition, the cadet must pass a comprehensive 100-question examination covering leadership theory and aerospace topics.  The Civil Air Patrol, Cadet Program is divided into sixteen segments called achievements, involving study and performance in the five programs areas.  Upon completion of each achievement, the caet earns Continue reading

Training New Cadet Leaders @ LynchburgCAP

CADET STAFF TRAINING  #LynchburgCAPMembers of the newly-appointed cadet staff at LynchburgCAP met for a planning meeting on Saturday to train new cadet staff members and to set goals for the upcoming year of cadet programs. Both senior members and cadets participated in a discussion of policies and new programs that will be implemented in the coming months.

Included in the meeting was planning for a more aggressive program of aerospace education and leadership training, along with character development and physical fitness training. Continue reading

Cadet Change of Command Ceremony @LynchburgCAP

Lt. Casey Jacobson Conducts Cadet Change of Command Ceremony.  Congratulations to Cadet Sphar and Thanks to Cadet Batman

Lt. Casey Jacobson Conducts Cadet Change of Command Ceremony. Congratulations to Commander Cadet Sphar and Thanks to Cadet Batman for service as last year’s Cadet Commander.

Senior Members, Cadets, family and friends were present at Monday’s weekly meeting for the Cadet Change of Command Ceremony.  In addition to the formal transfer of command, several LynchburgCAP Cadets and Senior Members were recognized for accomplishments.  Special thanks for Lt. Carol Milhous for her years of continued and dedicated service to Lynchburg Composite Squadron and Civil Air Patrol.  In addition to awards, Cadets received new staff assignments.  In addition to training for special skills, Civil Air Patrol Cadets are assigned to duty positions that teach leadership, teamwork and responsibility skills.  Photos and more on Public Affairs #LynchburgCAP

Special Recognition for Continued and Dedicated Service to Lt. Carol Milhous of LynchburgCAP

Special Recognition for Continued and Dedicated Service to Lt. Carol Milhous of LynchburgCAP

Family & Friends attend Cadet Change of Command Ceremony @LynchburgCAP

Family & Friends attend Cadet Change of Command Ceremony @LynchburgCAP

A Continued Pursuit of Excellence @ LynchburgCAP

A Continued Pursuit of Excellence @ LynchburgCAP

Cadet TSgt. Sharp

Cadet TSgt. Sharp

Cadet SrA Dickens

Cadet SrA Dickens

Congratulations to Cadets of the Civil Air Patrol’s Lynchburg Composite Squadron that earned and received recognition for promotions this week.  Cadet Acacia Dickens was promoted to Cadet Senior Airman and Cadet John Sharp was promoted to Cadet Technical Sergeant.  Awards were presented by Lt. Pete Strubhar, Deputy Squadron Commander and Lt. Casey Jacobson, Deputy Commander for Cadets.  

All Cadets in Civil Air Patrol are regularly recognized for their achievements as they progress through various training and educational milestones as part the CAP Cadet program.  The program allows young adults to develop leadership and technical skills and learn about aviation, space and other topics such as search and rescue.  Parents credit the Cadet program with communicating to their children the importance of personal integrity, self-discipline and respect in their personal and professional lives as they progress through CAP’s muti-step program.  

To learn more or to get involved today, go to or contact Lynchburg’s local squadron at  #LynchburgCAP.

Always Training to Be Ready @LynchburgCAP

Splinting Training #LynchburgCAP

Lt. Campbell and Lt. Jacobson, LynchburgCAP with Cadet MSgt. Joshua Demonstrate Splinting Technique.

It all begins with a continuing committment to be ready.  Cadets  @LynchburgCAP train to be ready at a moment’s notice in the event they are called upon for a search and rescue mission.  At this week’s Squadron meeting, select Senior Members taught proper splinting techniques as part of Civil Air Patrol’s readiness training for search and rescue.  The educational event was organized by Lt. Horace Campbell of Lynchburg’s Composite Squadron with the assistance of Maj. David Honeycutt and Lt. Casey Jacobson, Deputy Commander of Cadets.   Cadet’s took the opportunity to learn and practice splinting and other life saving techniques that can be used on actual search and rescue

Maj. Honeycutt and Lt. Campbell of LynchburgCAP Demonstrate Proper Splinting Technique.

Maj. Honeycutt and Lt. Campbell of LynchburgCAP Demonstrate Proper Splinting Technique.

missions as a part of CAP’s Cadet education program.

Members of the Civil Air Patrol train year round to provide emergency services to the community when needed.   LynchburgCAP is a part of over 60,000 trained Civil Air Patrol volunteers nationwide.  For more information on how you can join, visit or contact the Lynchburg Composite Squadron at  #LynchburgCAP.

LynchburgCAP Participates in Wreaths Across America

LynchburgCAP Participates in Wreaths Across America

Cadet MSgt Thomas Mason at Wreaths Across America Lynchburg.  #LynchburgCAP

Cadet MSgt Thomas Mason distributes wreaths honoring American Military at Wreaths Across America ceremony. #LynchburgCAP

Senior and Cadet members of Lynchburg Composite Squadron participated in the ceremony at Old City Cemetary in Lynchburg Saturday as part of the National Wreaths Across America campaign.  Beginning with a flyover by LynchburgCAP aircraft, piloted by Lt. Dale Mathews, LynchburgCAP, the squadron took an active roll in welcoming guests, and distributing wreaths for the decoration portion of the event.  “Cadets were given the opportunity to use many of their learned skills in the event;” According to Maj. David Honeycutt, Senior Member with LynchburgCAP.

Continue reading